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Dental Exams

Comprehensive examination of your painful, ugly or crippled smile diagnoses for proper care and increases trust. A periodic exam is commonly referred to as a routine check up. Both of these exams detect and diagnose any potential problems your smile may have.

  • Detailed medical and dental history
  • Vital signs including blood pressure
  • Assessment of airway, TMJ, facial pain
  • Oral cancer screening: for sores and lumps of the face, neck, lips, tongue and throat
  • Gum and bone evaluation: for infection for gingivitis, periodontitis and abscess.
  • Examination of teeth: for cavity infections, stains, fractures and alignment.
  • Examination of existing fillings, crowns: for re-cavitation, leakage and fracture
  • Examination of diagnostic radiographs (x-rays): for detection of cavities, tumors and bone loss.

About oral cancer: If Youíre Sexually Active, Youíre At Risk.

Oral cancer has long been associated with tobacco use, and itís true that the majority of oral cancer victims smoke or use chewing tobacco, consume alcohol and are over 40. But more and more, oral cancer is striking younger people who donít use tobacco or abuse alcohol.

The cause appears to be one of two strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV-16 or HPV-18) that can be contracted during sexual intercourse and especially oral sex. As a result, health care experts recommend annual oral cancer screenings for all adults aged 18 and older.


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